The 2013 Tasmanian Beerfest

Australia’s largest beer festival transforms the Hobart waterfront into a universe of boutique and craft beer this November.

Friday November 15th 5pm-11pm


Saturday November 16th 12pm-10pm

Well, we are back at it again. Busy planning the biggest, best and most diverse Beerfest we have ever put together.

It’s not just local beer – it’s international.  We've also locked in some great craft ciders, local Tassie food, Master Class’, Live Music and a 150 metre water front beer garden. For those of you who don’t know how big that is – you could line-up 2500 stubbies along the water’s edge and still have room for a chair or two to sit on and enjoy your favourite lager!

Breweries large and small from across Tasmania, interstate and overseas are queing up to put their best brews on show.

Meet the brewers, drink the beer and decide for yourself - Australian craft beers go head to head with the world’s best!

Whether your approach is educational, recreational or professional the Tasmanian International Beerfest offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of craft beer. Get the inside information on production and distribution. Broaden your palate and capacity for informed appreciation with tips directly from renowned brewers.

Ticket price is $30 per person.  One ticket allows one person entry for one day of the event.  Each ticket includes a Beerfest tasting glass and ten free tasting tokens.  Payment can be made using our secure ticket purchase form below.  Additional tasting tokens will be available from within the festival at a cost of $10 for ten tokens. 18+ Non drinkers $10, children accompanied by parent/guardian free.


Tasmanian Beerfest

Is Tassie top of the hops? Judge for yourself – we think so.